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Back in China, I already heard that the UK applies summer time from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October, Which is called the British Summer Time (BST),and then change back to the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).The change takes place at 1.00 GMT. So today I deliberately stayed late to see the “weird change” myself.

When I opened my lap top, the clock shows it was 1.50, after searching several websites I looked at the clock below the window and it showed exactly 1.00GMT. Although I know it will happen, but it is indeed an amazing and engaging phenomenon to me!

When we set clocks back an hour, it means the night will come an hour earlier. So subconsciously many will feel the night has become considerably longer and winter has already began. BBC reports that up to one in every 20 people will suffer from a specific type of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) at the same time every year. It is believed caused by a lack of exposure to daylight during the long winter days in Britain. Luckily I will not be affected by the SAD because I prefer night to day because you have to work at daytime, isn’t it?

It is also true in North China where i come from that in the depth of winter, the nights are anything from 15-19 hours long. I guess it is mainly because the two places are of the same altitude. Likewise, the temperature falls substantially and the odds of frost increases.

continuous winter can also contribute to a greater chance of harsh frost and fog forming, which will cause hazard to commuters in the early morning rush hour.

To me winter is by no means doom and gloom. When the days draw in I can excuse myself to go to bed early enjoying a cup of milk.

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Weekend comes again and on Saturday Arsenal will host West ham in the Premier League. But I still feel excited about their 3-0 win at Manchester City last Sunday.

Undoubtedly, the win against a team challenging the title will put the Arsenal on to believe themselves, just as Gunners boss Wenger commentedafter the match: ” It was really encouraging to see a lot of our players come through today.” The ruthless thrashing broke Wenger’s embarassing record against top teams, for this season the gunners have already been beaten by Chealsea and West Brom.

The Premier League is so competitive that the likes of Tottenham and Aston Villa all have the capacity to take points from the Big Four ( Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City) So you should be very careful in every match in competing for the title.

I’ve noticed that in this season Arsenal strenthened defence in the midfield area. They’ve become more tougher in the midfield. BBC sport pundit Lee Dixon ascribes it mostly to the emergence of Jack Wilshere into the first team. Admittedly the England teenager has an excellent performance, albeit he was sent off for the unpleasant,stupid tackle at the last minute which suspended him from this match.


Of course we cannot forget Samir Nasri, who scored the first goal and broke the status quo. He’s got a really smart footballing brain and played as a shadow for Cesc Fabregas, taking much pressure of the skipper. When the two technically gifted players are both on the pitch, add in Wilshere, and the defencive value of Alexander Song, the midfiled squad seems perfect.

Without Lukasz Fabianski’s gorgeous saves, I’m not convinced Arsenal would get 3 points at East Land. The goal keeper for Arsenal used to be a weekly talking point. But now the Pole is in quite a good form and has increased his confidence from the clean sheet against the East Land. Now he has put pressure on fellow goalkeeper Manuel Almunia, if Fabianski kept his magic save like in this match, it will stop rumors that Wenger will buy a goalkeeper at the January Transfer Window.

This afternoon the London derby will be on show. Hope gunners will not let me down.

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In China, a politic transmission is under way. On October 18th, Mr.Xi jinping was ordained as the vice chairman of China’s Central Military Committion. This is a position for a leader-to-be, which the current Presiden Hu Jingtao took before he took office in 2002.

But little was know about the next leader of China, which now has the second largest economy and is wretching political reform. All we know is that he is a son of a former China’s Communist Party leader, his father has been denounced in the Cultureal Revolution in the 1970s, but regained respect and position after that riot. So Mr. Xi was referred to as “a princling”, who might be criticized by many in the party who resent family rule.

His wife is a popular singer.She is the youngest general in the People’s Liberation Army. the fact to some extent implies the political influence of the Xi family.


the appointment of Mr. Xi was connected to that of the North Korea’s heir apprant Kim Jong-un. Their anoitings were both announed in a close-door Party enclave, was the position were the same: vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission.

as for Xi’s experience, we’d rather say that on the positive side, he has overtaken some important position of the economically dynastic and globally intergrated parts of China, such as the east costal provinces and Shanghai.

On the other side, Xi is not as experieced as Hu was because Hu spent plenty of time serving at the inner circle of the party, but Xi was little know until recent years. It’s hard to asses how assured the succession will be.

There are several problems that Mr. Xi will face. firstly, the economic reform. although China’s economy is sprinting by Western standards, but it is hard for China to wean it off the excessive investment and exports in favor of more  consumption.( the Economist). Secondly, the politic reform. Nowadays a lot of Chinese civilians are demanding more say in how to run the country, although the party leaders have promised “democracy” for years. and people are euthused about the call for “political reform” made by Prime Minister Wenjiaobao.

Since Wen and Hu will step down in months, it is impossible to expect them to bring in big reforms. But will Mr.Xi carry out reforms? It is uncertain now.

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