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The most intriguing leaks from the wikileaks website today is that the Pakistan Official have retained close links to the militants despite the billions that the US has spent.

Has Wikileaks put lives at risk?

the Wikileaks founder  Julian Assange has been out of public eye. But they are faced with the US govenment’s allegation that the leaked cable has put many lives in danger,

But has the leaks ever really endangered the safe of any agents previously ?

Or is the disclosure of the leaks actually in the public’s interest or interesting to the public?

I think the government’s statement is a little overblown. In general it is in the public’s interest to know the secret of the government.


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memory of Grandma

God in creating Man somewhat overestimated his ability.

-Oscar Wilder

Recently I often think of my grandma. She passed away several years ago. She was 70 year old and in her later years, she was paralysed but she was as sober as anyone else. She died peacefully and quietly.

Attached is a Chinese song which goes with my feeling right now.


The question of my Grandma

Grandma brought me up. It is said that I was not so happy when I came to this world, crying restlessly. In order not to disturb others, she held me out to the river bank until I fell asleep. My aunt told me that I was growing up in my grandma’s arms, my feet even had not ever touched the ground.

Back in her days she always asked me, what is the meaning that a man live his life? It is not that she bored life, it is just that she felt uncertain about ife, just  as human beings of all races, or ages. Now she needs not to seek the answer to this question any more.

A universal dillema for human

She was not educated, knew nothing about the G20 summit, World Cup, or who on earth the US president is. But it doesn’t matter. The intellectual communication between people does not matter so much.  A week ago I conducted an IQ test, which is said that only people with IQ above 200 could fulfill it. I tortured myself for one hour, and had no clue at all.

We are all definitely idiot compared to, say, a person with the 200 IQ index,But basically he is an idot as well, otherwise he can ask my grandma’s question. When you have reached certain age, certain point in  your life, you will begin to contemplate this question.

Treasured love

Anyway, my grandma has ended her life, my life will go on. To man, death will eventurally exert influence on life, we need to consider the way how we live. Just like someone awarded you, I suppose that it is I’m lucky that I have been loved. Nothing in the world is earned for free.

I want to tell my grandma: ” Thank you, I’ll miss you.”

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For six decades, China has been a close ally to Pyongyang. It is North Korea’s leading trade partner, and main source of food, fuel and clothing. Since the shelling of artillery from North Korea to the island in disputed are, international pressure has been mounting to urge Beijing to step out. But in spite of the close ties, the influence of Beijing on North Korea is limited.

Kim Jung-il and Hu Jintao


C hina’s influence is just so much.

I’m not n that China will exert as much effect on Pyongyang as other countries would. As far as I can see, The North Korea has always been pursuing an independent foreign policy since the first leader Kim Il-sung came to office. The regime stressed that the North Korea is a sovereign country thanks to the older Kim, so independence acts as the foundation and justification of the Kim’s family rule.

Own Interest

As the West countries always put it, the international community has been waiting for China to act as a global player with shared responsibilities. But in the Korean Peninsula, China has interest at heart. If the Kim’s regime should collapse, millions of refuges will pour into China, and subsequently it is unacceptable that both Koreas were unified backed by the US, and a new country would emerge at the doorstep of China. So far, Beijing just want to maintain regional stability to ensure ecnomic growth.

China’s response will take credit regardless of the consequences.

A Chinese high-level official visited South and met with the president and Foreign Minister. The Chinese wants to restart the so-called six-party talks, Beijing hopes that this mechanism framework will ease the tension in the East Asia. The proposal for talk buys space for China, But it does fall short of the decisive move that the US and South Korea hopes. The pressure on China will decrease for China has been engaged in the international initiative. Now China is faced with an option, to exercise pressure on North Korea secretly, or to be openly critic to Pyongyang.



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