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Today I went to New Malden in south London to fulfill my piece to camare, it was soooooo freezing there.

I began to stutter because of the freezing tongue. We did the one-minute-long piece to camera for about thousands of times at last I just loathed myself. Just look at the video below to see how I’ve made all kinds of mistakes that you can ever imagine.


Reaction of Korean immigrants in London.

The conflict in the Korean peninsula has been watched very closely by a number of people in this country. I am now at the Korea Town in New Malden, London, which is home to the largest Korean community in any European country.

About 15000 Korean people are living here. Many have close ties in both North and South Korea. News about the tension has spread quickly in this tight-knit community, many get the information not only from the media, but also phone calls from home.

There has been criticism here that the South Korean government has not responded strongly enough to the artillery attack from the North.

Meanwhile, the biggest concern here is that the conflict could cost more lives. On the other hand, the Korean community groups have urged both sides to take quick, diplomatic measures to tackle the dispute back to Korea.


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