memory of Grandma

God in creating Man somewhat overestimated his ability.

-Oscar Wilder

Recently I often think of my grandma. She passed away several years ago. She was 70 year old and in her later years, she was paralysed but she was as sober as anyone else. She died peacefully and quietly.

Attached is a Chinese song which goes with my feeling right now.


The question of my Grandma

Grandma brought me up. It is said that I was not so happy when I came to this world, crying restlessly. In order not to disturb others, she held me out to the river bank until I fell asleep. My aunt told me that I was growing up in my grandma’s arms, my feet even had not ever touched the ground.

Back in her days she always asked me, what is the meaning that a man live his life? It is not that she bored life, it is just that she felt uncertain about ife, just  as human beings of all races, or ages. Now she needs not to seek the answer to this question any more.

A universal dillema for human

She was not educated, knew nothing about the G20 summit, World Cup, or who on earth the US president is. But it doesn’t matter. The intellectual communication between people does not matter so much.  A week ago I conducted an IQ test, which is said that only people with IQ above 200 could fulfill it. I tortured myself for one hour, and had no clue at all.

We are all definitely idiot compared to, say, a person with the 200 IQ index,But basically he is an idot as well, otherwise he can ask my grandma’s question. When you have reached certain age, certain point in  your life, you will begin to contemplate this question.

Treasured love

Anyway, my grandma has ended her life, my life will go on. To man, death will eventurally exert influence on life, we need to consider the way how we live. Just like someone awarded you, I suppose that it is I’m lucky that I have been loved. Nothing in the world is earned for free.

I want to tell my grandma: ” Thank you, I’ll miss you.”


For six decades, China has been a close ally to Pyongyang. It is North Korea’s leading trade partner, and main source of food, fuel and clothing. Since the shelling of artillery from North Korea to the island in disputed are, international pressure has been mounting to urge Beijing to step out. But in spite of the close ties, the influence of Beijing on North Korea is limited.

Kim Jung-il and Hu Jintao


C hina’s influence is just so much.

I’m not n that China will exert as much effect on Pyongyang as other countries would. As far as I can see, The North Korea has always been pursuing an independent foreign policy since the first leader Kim Il-sung came to office. The regime stressed that the North Korea is a sovereign country thanks to the older Kim, so independence acts as the foundation and justification of the Kim’s family rule.

Own Interest

As the West countries always put it, the international community has been waiting for China to act as a global player with shared responsibilities. But in the Korean Peninsula, China has interest at heart. If the Kim’s regime should collapse, millions of refuges will pour into China, and subsequently it is unacceptable that both Koreas were unified backed by the US, and a new country would emerge at the doorstep of China. So far, Beijing just want to maintain regional stability to ensure ecnomic growth.

China’s response will take credit regardless of the consequences.

A Chinese high-level official visited South and met with the president and Foreign Minister. The Chinese wants to restart the so-called six-party talks, Beijing hopes that this mechanism framework will ease the tension in the East Asia. The proposal for talk buys space for China, But it does fall short of the decisive move that the US and South Korea hopes. The pressure on China will decrease for China has been engaged in the international initiative. Now China is faced with an option, to exercise pressure on North Korea secretly, or to be openly critic to Pyongyang.



Today I went to New Malden in south London to fulfill my piece to camare, it was soooooo freezing there.

I began to stutter because of the freezing tongue. We did the one-minute-long piece to camera for about thousands of times at last I just loathed myself. Just look at the video below to see how I’ve made all kinds of mistakes that you can ever imagine.


Reaction of Korean immigrants in London.

The conflict in the Korean peninsula has been watched very closely by a number of people in this country. I am now at the Korea Town in New Malden, London, which is home to the largest Korean community in any European country.

About 15000 Korean people are living here. Many have close ties in both North and South Korea. News about the tension has spread quickly in this tight-knit community, many get the information not only from the media, but also phone calls from home.

There has been criticism here that the South Korean government has not responded strongly enough to the artillery attack from the North.

Meanwhile, the biggest concern here is that the conflict could cost more lives. On the other hand, the Korean community groups have urged both sides to take quick, diplomatic measures to tackle the dispute back to Korea.


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In China, the sports newspapers are tightly controled by the party, because in the past, the newspapers are considered as “the tongue and throat of the Party”, which acted as tool of ideological battles.

The U-turning Point

However, in the 1980s, with the economic reform, the situation had changed significantly. The then leader Deng Xiaoping called for wider and deeper marketization, under his order, the Ministry of Propaganda announced new guidelines, giving more power and freedom to newspapers.

On the other hand, after the marketization reform, the government couldn’t provide subsidy to newspapers any more. so newspapers have to support themselve.

Knowing that the average reader is tired of hard news that going on and on about Party congress, production rates, and ideological education, these newspapers began to report gossips of movie stars, sports and lifestyle features.

Adopted two strategies

As did other type of print media, sports newspaper in China are faced with severe challenge from counterparts from the Internet and  TV broadcast. So most of the sports newspaper have adopted two strategies to tackle the problem. One is tofocus on the depth of the report, the other is to make sports report more entertaining


Below is a detailed powerpoint depicting the landscape of China’s sports newspaper.

Sports Newspaper in China

Women in Journalism

a women journalist in China

A survey shows that in the media industry, women are less likely to be promoted. They are discriminated against for promotion, half felt was because of their sex.

Rare access to promotion.

29.2 percent responded that having children affected promotion. Sexual harassment, age discrimination, and whether they were under- or overqualified, were listed as other factors hindering women’s promotion.

Less Opportunity
Women receive fewer opportunities to cover hard news than their male counterparts.
Women journalists are often assigned art and culture or fashion beats, and not other topics, because their organization’s concern that they won’t be able to work night shifts.
Women leadership
Women are entering the traditionally male professions, large numbers have occupied senior positions like management, and they are running successful business as owners. But the media, for example in the UK, Women are nearly invisible in controlling position and ownership

But few sections of the national papers give impression of the change. Journalism lag behind in reporting women’s lives.

Teresa Stratford says National press are like old boys’s club, they are owned by rich, white middle-aged men, and their editorship usually by the same type of men, so it is inevitable that they reflect changes in society in a stereotypical perspective of men.
A bad loop
Even there are women success, such as Wendy Henry( ex-editor of the People) and Eve Pollad (Editor of the Mail on Sunday), they did nothing to change the situation. In order to succeed, they have to play the rules set by men. The rules were not changed to facilitate the progress of other female journalists after them.

What can journalists do?

Journalists claim to be reflecting the attitudes of society rather than shaping them. Journalism has a part to play in stimulating change and leading debate.

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) produced guidelines to help journalists avoid sexist stereotype.
A little difference in vocabulary can give a totally different impression. Adoption of the NUJ guidelines is strongly recommended to journalists.

This is an exercise to the BBC newshour.

A new opinion poll shows that the Afghan people feel less confident about future than they did last year.

Attacks on foreign forces in their land are considered justified by more people, more are supportive to negotiative settlement with the Taliban. Overall it suggests that President Karzai remains popular and the Taliban remains unpopular.

Security and Economy concerns

In the cold light of dawn, hundreds of Afghan day labors gathered at a a market in Karbul.

A man was wrapped up by a blanket, squating by the side of the road. He was linking the two issues of most concern to Afghan. Security has overtaken the economy as the main concern.

That is perhaps not surprising. It has been a year of military action by NATO.A majority being questioned still backs international intervention. But a growing minority support the attack on Nato, 27% now that triples the 8% who supported the action a year ago.


These figures touched off a debate among a crowd of man waiting at the bus station nearby.

A majority of Afghan support the government, but people have widespread and personal experience towards corruption. That’s one of the things driving recruits into the arms of the Taliban.

I swear by the Koran, that even we cannot win 100% Afghanis. Billions of dollars have been spent in Afghanistan.The foreign cash goes into the pockets of the one with a big belly.

Uncertain Future

Opinions vary greatly according to region and ethnic groups. People are found most insecure and pessimistic in the south. Many Afgans want to know who will be in charge of their village or valley, they will support the winner, whether the Taliban or the Nato.


“Stop arresting me! Stop arresting me!” the emotional stress for the week boiled over for one man, who stood in front of the minister’s car entering into the government building before being arrested.

A week after the Irish Republic dismissed the need of bailout, the Irish Finance Minister Brian Lenihan finally admitted that international bailout is inevitable: “there will be a meeting in the government this afternoon, I will propose to my colleagues to formally apply for a program.”

Inevitable request for economic help

Irelands’ main banks have been frozen out of international market, and witnessed a capital fly in recent months.

BBC reports that the total value of the bailout will be less than 100 billion euro. 85 billion pounds. The fund will be spent on covering the 90 billion shortfall for day-to-day government spending, and hopefully to avoid the country from plunging into economic chaos and stabilize the fragile economy.

Public fury

The Irish government’s handling of the economic crisis has sparked fury among many Irish public.

Shawn Ross, An Irish independent editor and a senate from the Irish Parliament said:” this is utmost humiliation for Ireland, but now it is very urgent to seek a bailout from the IMF. Public anger is apparent.

Once the Celtic Tiger

Until two years ago, Irelands was the greatest economic success in Europe. Over two decades, it grew at the drastic economic rate as Asian fast-growing economies until its GDP per head overtook that of the UK. But much of  the growth came largely from borrowing by the Ireland banks from the international market.

These potential property bubble posed by the unstable borrowing  finally exploded due to overlending to developers and house owners.

The UK contribution

According to BBC, the UK has offered a direct loan to the Irish Republic in addition to contributing to an international rescue, George Osborne has said.

“I think it is highly likely that there will be a British contribution.I want Britain to do the bilateral commitment to Ireland. Because Ireland is our close neighbor and it is in Britain’s national interest to help.”

When asked if the rescue would be about £7bn, he said “it’s around that.”

A potential plight for the EU

The EU finance ministers are said to have a unscheduled meeting, hoping the Irish Bailout could ease the pressure on the other deeply indebted members in the Euro zone.

In May in the Greek crisis, the IMF and Eu put together a budget totals 750 billion euro, at that time the funds seems can tackle the biggest threat with ease. Now to rescue the two smallest members of the Eurozone Greece and Ireland the fund need to be 200 billion.  But now this rescue move is not guaranteed. We can see the remote and severe threat to bail Portugal, Spain and Italy out as well.  There are concerns that to save all the three countries will be beyond the capability of the EU.